My week in workouts

And cupcakes.

Photo stolen from my best friend and fellow cupcake hoarder

I’ve never tracked my workouts. Not on paper, no spreadsheets, no journals, and definitely not online. Some cool runners I met recently tried to convince me to join Strava – which I did because I wanted cool runner friends – but they very quickly realized that me “joining” and me “participating” are two very different things. After a few gentle hints that I was doing it wrong, along the lines of ‘I usually upload my data the day I run’ and ‘I notice you haven’t uploaded lately – how’s running going?’ where I had to explain that I do in fact run, but that at any given time, my Garmin may or may be half charged and under my bed (if not accidentally in my laundry basket with my house keys and credit card…), I realized that I MIGHT not be cut out for this. Runner friend fail. Still, I know that actually being aware of workouts, in a way involving more specifics than vague half ideas is actually a good thing and helpful when trying to go further and get faster, so I’ll see if blog-as-record-keeping-platform is more my style.

Anyway. My week:

Monday (3/4): 15(ish) minutes on the elliptical, 90 minutes yoga

Tuesday: 30 minutes elliptical

Wednesday: 4 mile run

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3000 yrd swim

Saturday: 5k (more about that later)

Sunday: 8 mile run

The downside to trying this “tracking” thing is that I can see, on paper(/screen) how unimpressive I look. I can’t promise that I’m ever actually more impressive, but my excuse for this sad attempt at being considered athletic is that last week was the post long run ‘Oh-my-god-is-that-hamstring-pain-I’ll-never-run-again-and-I-might-be-dying’ little pain that wasn’t. I tried to do something while easing off from the more extensive “somethings” I’d much rather be doing in favor of sensible recovery for this weekend’s half marathon. Effectiveness, of both that strategy and my attempt at record keeping, pending.

PS. It may or may not be worth mentioning that I make my living doing something that involves both “organization” and “knowing not to use run on sentences”. Do what you will with that.

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