My Hood to Coast Application

As I mentioned last week, I applied to be a part of Team Nuun at this year’s Hood to Coast relay. Despite the fact that my post talked specifically about Going Big this year, the link to my application was tiny and easily missed. Subtle, even.

“Subtlety” is not something I’m particularly known for.

So, I decided to repost my video here and share the Nuun love, in all its ‘glory’. I talk a little bit about why applying is a big, bold step for me in my other post, so I’ll spare you my usual wordiness today, and just let my video do the talking.


Nuun announces the teams on the 17th. Until then, I’ll be redirecting all my nervous energy into Boston Marathon excitement. Including, but not limited to, trying to figure out just how long I can loiter near the Nuun expo booth before I ruin my changes at being chosen…

Good luck to everyone else who applied!

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